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More and more people to the deep regret come recently to a sad conclusion that received at school or in higher education institution of knowledge very often happens not enough for successful Unified State Examination, final or entrance examinations. It is well-known that one of the most effective and reliable ways of receiving and fixing of knowledge, individual occupations with the tutor are. The good tutor is capable to find and eliminate at the right time any gaps in knowledge. It is possible to tell with confidence that in many cases the future of the school student or student depends on the tutor. But as sometimes not simply, and it is sometimes even not clear where to find and how to choose the competent teacher. Happens that only for nothing the spent months sometimes are result of the wrong choice of the tutor. The Tutors of Moscow company always with special care treated selection of tutors. Our main advantage is that we recommend to the clients only teachers with whom training brings real result and who shouldn't be changed any more. The Tutors of Moscow company is included into educational holding "5 with GROUP plus" and since 2000 is engaged in selection of tutors for training of school students, entrants and students. For operating time we could bring together around ourselves only professionals of the business - the tutors which have passed several stages of the most thorough selection in the course of which experience of teaching and personal qualities of the teacher have been revealed. We put emphasis at selection on that our tutors possessed also excellent communication abilities. Today the company cooperates more than from 1000 skilled tutors - generally it is graduate students, teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (candidates and doctors of science, associate professors), private tutors and experts of USE. We advise only those tutors which on our statistics many years yielded good result and on whom it is possible to count even in the most started cases. Preparation is conducted in various directions – beginning from simple school objects, finishing with difficult university disciplines. Also the Tutors of Moscow company offers preparation for the Olympic Games, SFE of 2016 in the 9th class and USE of 2016 in the 11th class. Except regular trainings single classes and consultations are held.

The company approaches each client individually and selects the tutor taking into account his requirements and wishes. At the recommendation the company gives preference to the tutor which has an experience of training of entrants in the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION chosen by the client.massa.

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Before the company recommends the tutor, it needs to pass several stages of selection at which serve as the main criteria experience of carrying out individual occupations...

The main information for the entrant: USE 2016, programs, options of original entrance examinations in the Moscow HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of last years, competitions, lowest passing scores for entering higher education institutions of Moscow, the reference to the official sites of universities and faculties and other useful information...

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